What Every Brand Should Know about Working with Travel Bloggers

November 23, 2015 in Workshops and Tips

Over the years, we’ve grown our community to include more and more brands and travel industry professionals. We often get asked, “how can I work with online influencers to promote our destination, share our product, or get our brand message out there?” “Where do I start and how do I do it?”

How to Work with Travel Bloggers

How to Work with Travel Bloggers


So it only made sense that we share with you this new e-book! Veteran travel bloggers, business entrepreneurs and Canadian Travel Massive community members Pete and Dalene from Hecktic Travels announced their latest e-book designed for travel marketers, DMOs, travel brands and PR reps who represent travel brands and who want to work with bloggers.

Pete and Dalene are founding members of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association and recently named Travelers of the Year by National Geographic. They have worked with global companies like American Express, and tourism boards like Travel Alberta and Visit Finland. In their ebook, they share their best tips and industry knowledge on how brands can effectively work with bloggers including

Why work with bloggers?
How do you find the right blogger?
How do you create a successful blog trip or assignment?
How can you measure ROI from bloggers?
And the all important question – should travel bloggers be paid?

We want to share this e-book with the Toronto community and travel industry because we think brands and travel professionals could benefit from Pete and Dalene’s tips! It’s jam packed with so much information, tools, worksheets, and resources which travel businesses can adopt when they’re thinking of influencer marketing. The e-book is now available online and we hope you will consider using this link at How to Work with Travel Bloggers. If you decide to purchase using this link, we’ll get a small commission which will go back into the community to help us fund things like name tags, markers, and signs for networking at our events. (It really is the little things we get excited for!) Your support will help support our community and events.

Also, we only recommend this ebook because we’ve read and reviewed it ourselves, so we know you’ll be in good hands!

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