July 1, 2013 in Past Sponsor


Toronto Travel Massive was proud to partner with Canada’s very FIRST travel booking website, Travelocity. The aim of the event was to raise awareness about Canada’s increasing influence on the travel and tourism industry and to reaffirm that Canadian travel bloggers and professionals have a direct influence on Canadians’ travel decisions.

Alicia & Brian


Media Relations Manager, Brian Simpson offered a presentation on current trends and statistical data used by his brand’s sales and marketing departments. Among them,

About 84% of Canadians use the internet to book and search for their next trip

More than 35% of Canadians use travel reviews & blogs to make their travel decisions

Since Canadians are one of the fastest growing demographics who are making the shift to the digital world to book their future travels, the event also offered a chance for the brand to network with some of Toronto’s influential online travel professionals.

Travelocity offered attendees fantastic branded giveaways including a $500 Travelocity travel voucher via a strategically designed Tweet-to-Win contest. Attendees also incorporated Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome, one of the world’s most recognizable branded mascots in travel into the conversation. By taking and sharing photos with an icon branded image, we were able to create additional exposure and assist in brand recognition.



Social Reach / Outcome: 

To take the conversation online even further, Toronto Travel Massive collaborated with Travelocity to create a unique hashtag, #iDigtheGnome, which was mentioned throughout the night on Twitter and Instagram.

tweet reach

Travelocity’s strong brand positioning in the Canadian marketplace and their belief in the influence that travel writers and online media can have on the Canadian population made it the perfect partnership for a Toronto Travel Massive event.


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