Tourism Toronto with UP Express

May 5, 2016 in Past Sponsor


Tourism Toronto and UP Express hosted Toronto Travel Massive in April 2016 with the following multiple objectives.

  • raising consumer awareness of attractions in Toronto’s under-travelled west-end including Brampton, Mississauga and airport area.
  • to re-invigorate excitement for the city’s convenient express train line connect travellers between Pearson Airport and downtown Toronto
  • to connect with local content creators to tell the story of Toronto and surrounding areas




Andrew Weir, Tourism Toronto Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew Weir, Tourism Toronto Chief Marketing Officer speaking to the community about his city and passion to tell “the Toronto story”


Toronto introduced tourism professionals and influencers to local hoteliers, attraction representatives, and partners. Representatives were given the opportunity to interact with the travel community throughout the venue space, showcasing Toronto West through various interactive stations such as food, massage, Hawaiian dancers, and entertainment.

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Social Reach / Outcome:

The event created conversation both on and off line about Toronto’s west-end using the unique hashtag #seeTOwest. In addition to creating buzz pre- and post-event, it helped

  • generate 901.7K+ impressions to more than 242K+ Twitter accounts
  • trend on Twitter in Canada

Trend in Canada


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