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April 25, 2011 in Past Sponsor

We’re always looking for new and interesting locations to hold our meetups, and the venue itself can become part of your sponsorship support. Hostelling International Canada hosted us at their location in downtown Toronto, where they provided prizes, food and a fun atmosphere.


The bloggers and industry people at the event were able to sample HI’s hospitality and service, and in return created a buzz within the community and on their social media platforms.

Rebecca Kinos-Varo, Client Development Coordinator – Ontario Region for HI, worked enthusiastically to make the event a success, and her participation was key. She said:

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Toronto Travel Massive community. It has been an excellent way to connect with the best travel bloggers and industry professionals in our city and introduce them to my organization, Hostelling International. In September, I welcomed the TTM to host their meet-up at our Toronto hostel. The night was a great success- as so many tweets from that evening indicate! “Almost immediately after that event, I was able to see the positive outcomes for Hostelling International; I have been able to help several bloggers with their projects and happily continue to get requests for support from HI. I have also been able to reach-out to fellow TTM members for help with projects HI has been working on worldwide. Mariellen and Alicia are fantastic to work with. They are professional, experienced and welcoming. And I have found the fellow TTM attendees to be extremely friendly, full of creative energy and expertise. I look forward to the future meet-ups and events and have no doubt more exciting opportunities for my organization, and even for me personally, will arise because of the TTM community.”


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