Top 10 Travel Massive Cities

April 13, 2016 in News

Today is an exciting day! Pat yourself on the back because our Toronto community has become one of the Top 10 Travel Massive cities around the World (among Berlin, NYC, London, San Francisco, Cape Town, Miami, Bangkok, LA and Sydney). After 5 years of meeting, sharing, and connecting Toronto Travel Massive has grown into one of the most loyal and regularly attended meet-ups – that is something we’ve always been proud of! Each month our events see upwards of 80-100 sign-ups (most of which sell out in just a couple of hours!) It’s a long way we’ve come from the 10 or so gathering at our very first Toronto meet-up back in 2010. (If you don’t know about us yet, read our story)

Photos from our inaugural year in 2010


Alicia with Dave and Deb, Canada’s Adventure Couple

Natalie Taylor, Amanda J Lee and Janice Waugh

Carol, Sherrell and Amanjeet

Gizele Lau and Jeannie Mark

Lauren and Todd from @globetrooper enjoying a laugh with @mikefrisk, winner of the Best Travel Job Ever from Flight Centre.

@nomadicmatt @breathedreamgo and Dave from @theplanetd chatting with Todd from @globetrooper

Mariellen @breathedreamgo sharing her latest magazine spread in Discover India with @nomadicmatt

@Taggio sharing stories with the table

a cute moment with @nctaylor and @journeywoman

Marcello of @wanderingtradr and Todd from @globetrooper

@Mikefrisk sharing his BTJE journey with @erinhogue


Natalie Ayng

Alicia Taggio with The Planet D

Sean Russo, Ian Ord and lucky winner Red Hunt

Jen Curtis and Kattrin Sieber of Ontario Tourism


We always knew we had an awesome community! Thank you for being a part of it! As a “Thank you” for being so awesome, we’re looking to feature our most engaged and inspiring community members, brands, startups and travel professionals! If you would like to be featured on our blog at we’re currently looking for your

  • Success stories – People in our community who have benefited from Travel Massive meetups, connections, or partnerships you made.
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