Roam Mobility Opportunity

June 27, 2015 in News, Opportunities

Roam Mobility is giving the gift of mobile freedom to all Canadian Travel Massive members! 

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About Roam Mobility

  • Canadian prepaid wireless service that eliminates high roaming fees when travelling to the USA or Mexico 
  • Plans with UNLIMITED talk, text, and data for rates as low as $1 per day.
  • Plans are available by the day or  for longer-term trips
  • Data-only plans are also available for tablets and hotspots
  • Plans are flexible, prepaid, and commitment-free so you only pay for service when you need it

How it works

  • Use the Roam Mobility SIM card (available in Standard/Micro or Nano) in any unlocked device 
  • Activate it online by selecting a plan for the dates you will be travelling
  • Receive your own US phone number that you can re-use anytime you cross the border
  • Includes features such as unlimited global text messaging and free calling back to Canada
  • Snap in the SIM when you arrive in the US or Mexico and keep the SIM for future trips.

If you’re a content creator travelling to the US or Mexico, contact for free offer.

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