How Toronto’s SnapTravel is Disrupting the Travel-Tech Space

March 4, 2019 in Meetups, News, Past Sponsor

Toronto’s travel-tech scene may be small but it is mighty.

This month we were so proud to have been hosted by Toronto-based startup SnapTravel which is disrupting OTA’s and the travel space around the globe.

By going to where the consumer is, SnapTravel is driving innovation via a new way of booking – conversational commerce. SnapTravel is at the start of a shift in which consumers no longer shop on individual websites or mobile apps, but entirely via conversations with brands.

This is the future of travel and we were excited to team up with them to learn more about this new, innovative conversational commerce.

SnapTravel Aeryn Tweet

SnapTravel is founded by 3 Canadian guys who still choose to call Toronto home for their startup. Forget Silicon Valley. We totally love when companies keep things Canadian!

“Toronto is one of the best cities in the world to get this done. There is fantastic startup talent in the city. You layer on the growing support ecosystem and government tax credits, and it makes Toronto the ideal place to build a company.”- Hussein Fazal


What does SnapTravel Do?

We provide great hotel deals over messaging.

Why Messaging?

  • No app to download
  • Great access to great rates.
  • Personal travel agent experience

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Why SnapTravel is Disrupting the Travel-Tech Space:

    • SnapTravel is an app-less way to book hotels instantly over Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp through an AI-powered bot that feels as natural and personal as talking to a friend. Their bot is half-bot half-human.
    • Founded in 2016, SnapTravel has had conversations with over 2 million consumers in over 150 countries to date and has become Facebook’s preferred partners on Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.
    • In just two short years, they’ve managed to raise $28 million in funding and secure new investors – Silicon Valley’s Telstra Ventures and NBA star Steph Curry.
    • The startup is also backed by experienced advisors including Scott Booker (ex-CEO of, Stuart Silberg (the ex-CTO of, and Eduardo Schutte, (SVP from Hilton Worldwide). It’s through these relationships that SnapTravel can promise lower rates than anything else found online.
    • In 2018, SnapTravel surpassed $50 million in sales, a 450% increase from 2017, and 94% of its bookings have happened without human involvement.


Want to try for yourself?

SnapTravel is giving our Travel Massive community members 10% off their next booking!

Like SnapTravel on Facebook, open their chat and see how easy it is to book your next trip!

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