September Wrap-Up

September 30, 2010 in Meetups

This month the Toronto Travel Tribe found a new home at the Rivoli in the heart of Queen West. With no shortage of women, the tribe saw many new faces from all walks of life. Big welcome to Jessica Burns who connected with us through our friends at the Sydney Travel Tribe and our new journalist friends Natasha Alli and Waheeda Harris.

Mariellen of @breathedreamgo

We couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop to our night than with the beautiful travel photography work of Deanna Marsigliese on the walls. Her exhibit photos ‘Those Little Ordinary Things‘ of Thailand and Cambodia were simply stunning.

Solotraveler and organizer of Meet Plan Go, Janice Waugh showed up with nothing but a smile on her face. Congrats on such a successful event Janice, we look forward to many more!

After a very successful Treasure Hunt event this month, the ladies at Intrepid joined us – Katy Rockett, Helen Heweston and Katie Olsson. We were delighted to discover two of our tribe members Erin and Natalie found and won themselves some globes during the event. We’re slightly jealous of Erin’s free Intrepid trip in Peru. Keep us in mind when choosing your plus one ;)

Katy Rockett, Intrepid Travel

But a party can’t be a party without adventure couple Dave and Deb from thePlanet D. Make sure you check out their multimedia show Tour d’Afrique- Cycling across Africa this Oct 6th at Intrepid on Bloor!

Big thanks to everyone that showed up and a huge thank you to Erin for capturing stunning snapshots of the night. You never seize to amaze us!

Stay tuned for our October meetup which will be a video workshop hosted by @Taggio!