Here’s to New Adventures

February 5, 2014 in Meetups

It’s a brand new year and a new start! We can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring. While some people are planning their new year’s resolutions this time of year, most travellers I know don’t bother. Instead of wishing and hoping to finally cross that crazy adventure off their bucket list, seasoned wanderers just do it!  We don’t wait ’til December to make that promise. We do it each and every day of the year. We take risks, make big leaps, experience life to it’s complete fullest, and design our own happiness no matter what day it is.

Toronto Travel Massive is full of inspiring people who make it happen every day. 15-year-old Kasha is trading in traditional education for a global classroom on a 6-month epic adventure to discover what it means to be a global citizen. Natalie recently crafted her dream into reality by getting published in print (read her Seven Ways to Embrace the Cold in Montreal).  Tammy is about to make her favourite book come to life when she sets off to Vietnam for the first time! Kristen is meshing her love for TV and travel in one (and getting paid to do it!) What do all these people have in common? They are creating their dreams each and every day. Why wait for the first calendar month of a year to make a change?

At Toronto Travel Massive, I guess you could say we’re lifestyle designers. We’re always looking for a new challenge, a new experience, a crazy new adventure.

The Community

Just a handful of our Massive community

One gal taking on new adventures this year is Toronto Travel Massive co-founder Alicia Taggio. Alicia has taken on some pretty epic adventures herself since she won The Best Travel Job Ever, took off down under to the land of Oz, and travelled the globe from Ecuador to Kenya….and now she’s off to Vancouver! While I would love to tie her down to our Travel Massive HQ in Toronto unfortunately this girl really is untethered.

Alicia and I teamed up two years ago to run Toronto Travel Massive together – a local network of inspiring bloggers and travel enthusiasts which she and Mariellen first introduced to Toronto. Both Alicia and Mariellen have created a thriving community from only a handful of members in 2010 to over 800+ members in 2013! It is now the second largest, regularly-held meet-up in the world!

I feel so privileged they have let me be a part of it and am grateful to them for teaching me what this industry is really all about – community.

The originals of Toronto Travel Massive

Some of the Toronto Travel Massive originals


I’m going to miss Alicia personally. She is just one of those girls you want to invite to your party – her positive outlook on life makes bad days look brighter, laughter is guaranteed when she’s around, and her energy is absolutely contagious. If you had the chance to meet Alicia she may very well be the most unselfish, supportive person you meet  - she genuinely loves to see other people do great things and reach new successes – and she will even brag about them if you don’t!

Sadly, Alicia won’t be a regular face at our future meet-ups in Toronto but she will still be a very big part of the process (that’s the beauty of digital life!). At our last meet-up in January we took the time to say, “see you soon” to Alicia, have some drinks, and enjoy a few laughs.

Even Rob Ford made an appearance in cookie-form. (What is inside the cookie, we’re not sure)

Mariellen and Alicia

Mariellen and Alicia


I’m sad to see her go but I’m not going to lie. I am a little anxious for the challenge that’s upon us as members in Toronto. You see, Alicia will have a hand in growing Vancouver Travel Massive. While they could use a little of her expertise and inspiration, I say to Alicia – bring it! Toronto will never be trumped by Van City!

Massive thank you again to The Office Pub for sponsoring Alicia’s farewell


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