DSC01393 (1)Cristina’s passion for travel and community led her to join the Toronto Travel Massive team in 2012. She thinks there is no better way to connect travellers, feel inspired, and support one another than this community! In her Sponsorships, Events & PR role, Cristina is helping to build stronger relationships between Canadian travel bloggers, brands, and industry leaders.

A journo turned blogger, she ditched traditional media for something more authentic – the digital world. She launched the experiential travel blog with a focus on local travel and experiences through Europe. She hopes to one day use her travels to volunteer her way around the world.

When she’s not blogging, traveling, or indulging in all things Europe, she works as the Social Media/Content Editor and Community co-Manager at Travel Massive Global. Connect with her on Twitter @travelingjourno or follow her on Travel Massive.

If you’re a brand or company that wants to work with influential travel bloggers, vloggers, photographers, and online content producers contact her at