When she’s not blogging, working on a TV set, or talking about tea, Alicia is often found travelling and shooting videos along the way. Although you may find her in front of the camera, Alicia prefers to be behind it; capturing footage and interviewing people that inspire her. If there is one thing Alicia loves- it’s telling a story.

Alicia has been a freelance Content Producer for over six years writing articles and editing video pieces for various online publications. You can find some of her work on her portfolio.

Known in the Twitterverse as @Taggio she also runs her blog where you can find out all about her travels, TV shows and the cool people she has met along the way.

After being inspired by the people she met at the Sydney Travel Massive, Alicia met Mariellen and formed Toronto Travel Massive, helping it grow into what it is today. Today she sits on the Global Council for Travel Massive.

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